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Manufacturing and Automotive

Consumers today seek products as if they are made specifically for them as individuals. The automotive industry is not an exception to escape the high expectations of consumers. Therefore the auto industry is consistently challenged to find new ways to reach individual consumers with the right vehicle and right offer at the right time, while retaining and increasing the market, as well as using their assets to become profitable.

Solution Offerings

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving
automotive manufacturing sector, Infomerica offers
a range of solution offerings designed to enhance operational
efficiency, drive innovation, industrial safety ,environmental standards
and fuel growth. Our offerings are custom-tailored
to meet the unique demands of the automotive manufacturing industry.

We leverage our rich experience in brand management, CRM, SRM, dealer monitoring/ordering/information systems, portal management, inquiry-tracking systems, and online-buying systems. We have experience in finance, HRMS, legal, and internal fleet management. Services include warranty systems, parts ordering, inventory systems, and government regulations.
Product Management
  •   IOT/ Embedded Electronics
  •   Product Life Cycle Management Solutions
  •   Production Process Automation
  •   CAD / CAE
  •   Quality Assurance and Compliance
  •   Product Data Management
Supply Chain Management
  •   Process Consulting
  •   Supplier Collaboration
  •   Charge Back (SRM)
  •   E-Procurement [Strategic Sourcing & Procurement]
  •   Dealer Management
  •   Route Planning/Logistics
  •   Inventory Planning [Demand and Supply planning]
  •   Retail Process Integration
Sales and Marketing
  •   Channel Management
  •   Marketing
  •   Order Management
  •   Sales & Service
  •   CRM Analytics & Management
  •   Sales Planning & Forecast
  •   Contract Management
After Sales Service
  •   Parts Inventory Tracking
  •   Parts Accessories Catalogue Marketing
  •   Warranty Claims Analysis
  •   Government Regulations

Technology Offerings

Cloud Computing

Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Blockchain Technology

Cybersecurity Solutions

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Electronic Data Interchange [EDI]

Data Services


IT Consulting Services

Enterprise Application Integration [EAI] /Process Integration [BPM/SOA]

Application Development & Support

Infrastructure Management & Platform Upgrades

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