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Empowering Your Business through Intelligent Data Services

In the era of digital evolution, data is the heartbeat of business success. At Infomerica, we empower organizations to harness the full potential of their data, driving insights, innovation, and intelligent decision-making. We offer a comprehensive suite of data services, designed to elevate your business in today’s competitive landscape.

The Data Life Cycle is a series of steps carried out to mine information from raw data - a navigation tool for facilitating users in discovering recommendations on how to effectively work with their data across all stages of the data life cycle.

Integrated Data Platform (ERP & non-ERP)

Data platform that fully integrates disparate databases, analytics, and governance.

Immediate & Intelligent  Insights

Business-intelligence platform for new insights, accelerated innovation

Enhanced productivity and collaboration

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), specifically in the form of Chatbots, significantly contribute to enhancing employee productivity by seamlessly integrating with the collaboration tools of their choice.

Accelerated  automation and innovation

Low-code no-code platform that lays the foundation for high value ERP/CRM solutions and new experiences with emerging tools rapidly.

Data Analytics & Intelligence
Unlock actionable insights and boost your decision-making with our cutting-edge data analytics and intelligence solutions

Products We Support :
  • Tableau, Power BI, QlikView/Qlik Sense, Google Analytics, Domo, Cognos, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, OBIEE, Oracle Apex, kibana

Data Integration & Migration
Seamless data consolidation and migration, ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and availability across platforms.

Products We Support :
  1. Apache NiFi,Talend, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),Informatica PowerCenter,DataStage, Flume, Sqoop, MapReduce,MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Apache Kafka

  1. AWS Database Migration Service,Oracle Data Service Integrator,SAP Data Services,Azure Data Factory,Google Cloud Dataflow
Data Management & Governance
  • Enhance your data quality and management with our robust governance strategies, ensuring compliance and security.

Products We Support :
  • Collibra,Alation,SAP Master Data Governance,IBM InfoSphere Information Server,Varonis,Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Advanced Analytics
Unearth hidden insights, predict future trends, and unveil transformative opportunities

  •   Predictive Modeling
  •   Machine Learning & AI
  •   Natural Language Processing
  •   Data Science
  •   Statistical Analysis
  •   Quantitative Analysis

Products We Support :
  • SAS Advanced Analytics,IBM SPSS,RapidMiner,Oracle Advanced Analytics,,Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio,Google Cloud AutoML
Big Data Solutions
  • Harness the power of Big Data with our innovative solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs and objectives.

Products We Support :
  • Apache Hadoop,Apache Spark,Cloudera,Horton Works,Amazon Web Services (AWS) Big Data Solutions,Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics,Google Cloud BigQuery,Snowflake,SAS Big Data Analytics,Databricks,MongoDB,Splunk
Data Warehousing
  • We provide robust, scalable, and secure data warehousing services that transform your organizational data into powerful insights, driving informed decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency, and fueling innovation..

Products We Support :
  • Amazon Redshift,Oracle Exadata,IBM Db2 ,SAP BW/4HANA,Teradata,SQL Server,Sybase,Mongo DB,mysql

Delivery Models

Strategic Alliances with product, tool & technology vendors.

With our proven onsite/offshore delivery model, Data Services is a cost-effective approach to highest return on your investments[ROI].


  •   Onsite [Staff Augmentation & Fixed]
  •   Offsite [Staff Augmentation & Fixed]
  •   Offshore [Fixed]
  •   Hybrid [Blended Rate]
  •   Onsite + Offsite
  •   Onsite + Offshore
  •   Onsite + Offsite + Offshore

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