InfomericaInc - Industries

Solution Offerings

  • Product Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • After Sales Service

Technology Offerings

  • Reseller of leading software
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Web Services
  • Platform Upgrades

Manufacturing &Automotive

Consumers today seek products as if they are made specifically for them as individuals. The automotive industry is not an exception to escape the high expectations of consumers.

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  • Our Financial Focuses
  • Retail Banking
  • Investment Management
  • Capital Markets

Technology Offerings

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Data Warehouse
  • Content/Records Management
  • Master Data Management

Banking & Financial Services

Infomerica helps retail banks shift their focus from their products to their customers by offering solutions tailored for the needs and goals of their most valuable customers and high potential value prospects.

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Solution Offerings

Hospital Information System

Multi-Specialty Modules

Validation Services

Sales and Marketing

Technology Offerings

Platform Upgrades

Software Development

E-Commerce Development

Master Data Management

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

Healthcare payers, providers and pharmaceutical organizations must continue leveraging technology to automate their businesses for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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Media & Telecom

Media groups, telecom operators, internet players, publishing companies, and cable television, VoIP, Satellite, Wireless providers are all competing for the time of people.

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Solution Offerings

Revenue Assurance

Inventory Management

Service Provisioning

Enterprise Applications

Technology Offerings

Electronic Data Interchange

Data Warehouse

Infrastructure Management

Records Management

Solution Offerings

  • Technical Operations
  • Transportation Planning
  • Loyalty Management
  • Online Presence & Portals

Technology Offerings

  • Reseller of leading software
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Web Services
  • E-Commerce Development

Airline / Travel / Logistics

It is a known fact that more than two-thirds of the planet is covered by water and that more than 80% of all finished goods and raw materials traded globally is shipped through sea.

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