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Robotic Automation Process

Robotic Automation Process


RPA enables companies to easily automate mundane, repetitive tasks in order to free up employees to perform higher value work.   It does this by using software robots which simulate and mimic the actions of humans interacting with software application user interfaces.  Robots can be “programmed” rapidly by recording what the user does.  The robots are then managed centrally.

Benefits of RPA

  • Scale your business and reduce operational costs while maintaining current staffing levels
  • Increase productivity by reducing the time your employees spend on repetitive, manual tasks
  • Provide more consistent and responsive customer service
  • Reduce errors in data entry and processing
  • Integrate legacy applications and systems without using custom application programming interfaces (APIs) or expensive integration software
  • Deploy new automation schemes in hours or days by enabling business users to create their own RPA bots—no IT skills required

How Infomerica Can Help You Deliver a Successful Solution

Start.  An RPA Discovery Workshop will build your RPA strategy and roadmap.  It will evaluate and prioritize candidate use cases for RPA.

Prove.  infomerica offers complete Bot Build services to bring a working solution in to production.  This includes: software installation and configuration and bot design, test and deployment.

Scale.  Enterprise Roll Out services will optimize and operationalize your deployment and transform your entire organization with enterprise wide RPA program management. 

Technology Partners: Ui path | IBM – Automation Anywhere


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