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Enterprise Portal

Enterprise Portal

  • Infomerica Hands-on workshop designed to help senior IT architects and developers and also business users understand the usability, documentation and manageability of the technology as it pertains to their organization and offer end-to-end customized portal services to add value and growth your business
  • We analyze your existing IT environment, understand your requirements, and deliver a comprehensive plan for successfully and efficiently implementing the portal application.
  • The valuable assessment report details the analysis, provides a project roadmap, estimates effort, includes a high-level project plan and recommends best practices where applicable.
  • Proof-of-Concept Services are intended to demonstrate the value statements and return on investment for the proposed project.
  • Proof of Technology services involves working to first understand business goals and concerns, and then to identify a relevant module(s) for use in the pilot project. The pilot will use a real portion of the production application, which can then be reused once the implementation project moves forward.
  • Our subject matter experts not only bring portal knowledge but sound business process knowledge and experience to the table that helps the portal development a really a value-add as a whole finishing on time and within the budget

Technology Offerings

  • Portal & SOA Governance
  • WebSphere Portal Express Prototyping
  • Business Value Assessment
  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Proof of Technologies (POTs)
  • Portal Project Planning & Solutions
  • Portal Application Architecture & Development
  • Employee portal
  • Corporate extranet
  • Process Portals
  • Partner portal
  • Customer/Partner/Supplier/Dealer self service
  • Executive dashboards
  • Collaborative works
  • eGovernment portal
  • A2A, B2B/B2C portals
  • Portal Infrastructure Planning & Management
  • Portal Integration with other systems
  • Portal Administration
  • Portal Upgrades 5.x to 6.x
  • Custom Portal Education & Mentoring (Onsite, Offsite, Online)


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About Our Company

Infomerica's mission is to use our extensive IT & Industry experience to deliver tangible business results enabling clients in the industry to profit from the proven advanced use of technology.

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