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Business Process Services

BPM / Process Integration

Globalization, regulatory oversight, and entwined value chains have made business processes complex and inflexible at the same time, companies must continually improve their core processes to maintain a significant competitive advantage and bringing the value to the consumer. In this Emerging World – it is very important for any organizations to have Complete Analytics and Control over its Mission Critical Business Processes.

Business Process Management(BPM) is an Entity in Operational Management that focuses on improving Organization’s Efficiency by Managing and Optimizing Organization’s Business Processes and make On Demand Changes with New Evolving Business Trends.

BPM Suite drives more efficiency, visibility, and agility from a broader range of processes from BPM suite of products. Whether the process is a line-of-business mandate or an IT exercise in systems integration, BPM Suite from leading vendors such as Oracle, IBM, webMethods, TIBCO, SAP, PegaSystems etc offers the flexibility & the change that the business demands, hand-in-hand with the power IT requires. The result is an agile and flexible platform based on your existing applications that allows you to react quickly to new business requirements and improves productivity. BPM contains a comprehensive set of collaborative, role-based capabilities that enable customers to model, simulate, execute, rapidly change, monitor and optimize core business processes resulting in faster time to market, increased customer satisfaction, and higher productivity improved efficiency and agility, and lower costs by BPM leverages your existing IT investments and is specially tuned for line-of-business users.

BPM vendors provides complete set of tools [modeling tools for business analysts, developer tools for system integration developers and administrators, business activity monitoring for dashboards, and user interaction for process participants] and the ability for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes. The suite enables unparalleled collaboration between business and IT to automate and optimize business processes, from routine tasks to mission critical, short-lived or long lasting, structured or dynamic those involve people, information, and applications across organizational and geographical boundaries.

Business experts can now rapidly model, measure, and change processes [that are] and enables processes to dynamically adapt to changing business scenarios by enhancing business agility and provides the power to react to threats and realize new business opportunities ensuring sustainable competitive advantage

  • Line-of-business users can quickly model processes for optimization and automation through the use of Out-of-the-box features which accelerates development time
  • Process owners can have visibility & transparency into variety of human- and system-centric, business-centric and document-centric processes performance through alerts, KPIs, and dashboards.
  • Key performance indicators allow process owners to identify opportunities for optimization and in-flight process updates
  • Business analysts and IT use a common language to collaborate on the development, deployment and testing of processes using unified tools
  • A unified tool for modeling and design allows business users and IT to collaborate on the development and testing of processes
  • Improve business processes through Monitor operations there by differentiating your business
  • Deliver projects faster by eliminate information silos & energizing your operations
  • Ability to deliver new products to market faster and speed up processes?
  • It lowers integration costs and gets more value to the business from core systems & processes?

Infomerica BPM Offerings:

  • BPM Assessment Workshop
  • Define BPM Roadmap & Strategy
  • Proof of Concept | Proof of Technology
  • Software Procurement
  • Framework Development & Implementation
  • BPM Implementation
  • Platform Upgrade & Migration
  • Production Support
  • BPM Testing Services

Technology Partners: IBM | Appian| Oracle BPM | Pega


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