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Application Services

Application Services

The 21st century has seen an unprecedented shift in the amount of data that is utilized in applications. This has created a need for a new method to create and regulate applications, that our company is well versed in. From the development of the application through testing, our company is there for our customers at every step of the process.

Applications have their own life cycles, and beginning the development process is the most delicate part. Businesses are finding it difficult to evaluate their business needs in this day and age. However, Infomerica has the necessary expertise to deal with any businesses challenges that may arise in this process. Furthermore, we offer a multitude of services during the development, testing, and modernizing stages of an application. Our application services ensure that not only do the best applications become created, but also these applications are updated and advanced in order to keep up with modern progress.

We offer services in the following regarding application development:

  • .Net, J2EE, Mainframe technologies

  • QA Testing [Manual & Automated]

  • Oracle, SQL Server Database Development

  • Administration

  • Database [Oracle, DB2, SQL Server]

  • UNIX [Solaris, AIX, HP-UX], LINUX, Windows


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About Our Company

Infomerica's mission is to use our extensive IT & Industry experience to deliver tangible business results enabling clients in the industry to profit from the proven advanced use of technology.

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