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Big Data

Big Data

The Volume, Velocity and Variety of both Structured and Unstructured data is so large and it is very difficult in terms of processing using Traditional Databases & Extracting Softwares. Data needs to have effective aggregation, integration and validation. Infomerica can help our customers on how to do better business through Big Data. We understand and analyze your data from any source, any format and any   location.

Some use cases of big data across industry sectors:

Retail Industry: Sentiment analysis from social media, Customer buying pattern analysis, inventory management, customized promotions

Life Sciences & Health care: Physician interaction optimization, proactive manufacturing surveillance, next-generation genetic sequencing, real-world evidence, translation sciences and imaging

Communication, Media and Entertainment: Discover churn patterns, digital asset management (DAM)

Big Data Services: We bring industry best practices and data science methods to help you turn data into information that addresses business challenges across a variety of industries and business domains. We work with you on your specific business issues to help the customer understanding, optimize operations, profile and manage risk, and more.

Data visualization and Analytics: We can help you gather insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across   internal and external data sources.

  • Customer Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Product Quality/Performance Analytics
  • IT Operations Analytics

Hybrid data service: A modern hybrid analytics platform with Hadoop and Hana Architecture. Extend existing BI technologies and integrate advanced analytics into business processes and public and private clouds.

Infomerica Consulting Services Offers Spectrum of bigdata and Advanced Analytics Services includes:

  • Discovery & Workshop Assessment – Adoption
  • POC | POT
  • Bigdata Architecture | Roadmap & Strategy
  • Software Procurement | Install & Configure
  • Design & Implementation of Bigdata Solution including
    • Data Modelling and Algorithm Development
    • Custom Code, Development Map Reduce Code and Transformation
    • Data Integration Services and Integrating Enterprise Data with Bigdata Solution
    • Analytics |Reports |Visualizations
  • Managed Services – 24/7 Support & Maintenance

Technology Partner: IBM - Netezza | Hadoop


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Infomerica's mission is to use our extensive IT & Industry experience to deliver tangible business results enabling clients in the industry to profit from the proven advanced use of technology.

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