The market share of traditional insurers has been under attack in recent years by a variety of forces Internet disintermediation, new competition from untraditional sources, deregulation, compliance pressures and customer empowerment to transform traditional insurance companies into customer-centric organizations. These marketplace dynamics are creating new opportunities, but adopting right technologies and right partner is critical.  
    Infomerica has been helping insurance companies by leveraging our years of business experience and advanced technologies and also we partnered with leading technologies leaders to tailor industry specific technologies to our valuable customers.  
    Major business areas: front-office optimization, policy administration, claims and IT systems architecture, application development, implementation, integration, testing and outsourcing. Infomerica brings  
  • Proven experience as an end-to-end solutions provider.
  • Ability to leverage alliances with best-in-class providers of the latest technologies
  • Access to industry-defining best practices, methodologies and standards
  • World class research and thought leadership through the World Insurance Report produced by leading analyst firms. 
  Solution Offerings:  
  Lines of Business:  
  • Commercial
  • Personal
  • Life
  • Annuities
  • Health
  Sales & Marketing:  
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Agent Portals
    • Product Development
    • Customer Portals
      • Policy Submission
      • Quote
      • Underwriting Verification
      • Rating
      • Issuance
      • Endorsements
      • Cancellations
      • Re-Instatements
        • Notice of Loss
        • Assignment
        • Coverage Premium
        • State Reporting
        • Valuation
        • Loss Reserve
        • Litigation
        • Payment Processing
          • Agent Billing
          • Direct Billing
          • Policy/Claims/Billing Inquiry
          • Title Insurance
          • Smart Insurance Enterprise/SOA
            Technology Offerings:  
            Need a Software Quote