Content Management  
  • Gives your organization an operational environment to store, maintain and update your organization’s critical information about customer, product and account data.
  • Provides a single version of customer "truth" to all customer-facing channels and front and back office systems through multiple interfaces, allowing it to be a business process hub for customer-centric transactions
  • Designed to be implemented within a service-oriented architecture and contains more than 800 business services out-of-the-box to manage both complex and simple master data inquiries and updates.
  • Has a proven track record for implementations with leading global companies across all industries.
  • Generates value across an organization by significantly reducing operational costs, reducing costs associated with M&A, meeting compliance and increasing revenues
    Products we Support:  
  • IBM FileNet webSphere ECM
  • Oracle Stellent
  • EMC Documentum
  • Interwoven
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